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Hello to all the fans who have been following our efforts for the past year and welcome to all of you who just recently began following us! This is our website for our soon to be feature length Documentary - WHERE IS JOHN TITOR? This will be the one stop shop for all that is Behind The Scenes and Insider Information regarding our findings and development for the Documentary.


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Where is John Titor? on Twitter Where is John Titor? on Twitter

Welcome to Where Is John Titor? - The Documentary

In 2009, Eyesview Media began a journey to answer some of the many questions left behind by infamous self-proclaimed time traveler, John Titor.  Titor spent several months in 2000 and 2001 communicating with time travel enthusiasts on the internet before disappearing.  His online time travel story, along with his perplexing predictions, fascinating photos, and description of the future continues to spread to an expanding audience.  Our own interest in the attention surrounding this decade-long phenomenon sparked a series of John Titor web videos we created to explore this mystery.  But that just wasn't big enough for us....

We're embarking on a new adventure, a feature-length film entitled, Where is John Titor - The Documentary.  Stay tuned to check on our progress.



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